All Vegetarian dishes are preservative free, and contain no nuts.

*Chole – $11

chick peas cooked with a traditional blend of spices

*Maha Rani Daal – $11

A combination of black lentils cooked in a variety of spices

*Daal Masoor – $11

Yellow lentils cooked with onions and tomatoes in a mild blend of spices

*Veggie Curry – $12

A combination of green beans, peas, potatoes, and onions cooked with spices and a tomato masala mixture

*Veggie Korma – $12

mixed veggies cooked in a creamy tomato sauce

*Palak Paneer – $12

A blend of spinach, onions, and garlic with Indian paneer cheese

*Muttar Paneer – $12

Peas and Indian paneer cheese with Indian spices

Lentil Biriyani – $12

Mixture of lentils with yogurt, garlic, ginger and a blend of spices

Aloo Gobi – $12

Cauiflower potato and onions cooked in traditional spices

Bartha Roasted aggplact with peas and onions

*Gluten Free Items